Frank and Marc grew up and had their wild years in the Eighties. So its not too far away that they are very close to the Eightiesmusic. But that doesn’t mean, that the both aren*t inspired of todays musical influences. They try to combine both styles and want to create a music in different facets. Hard-bassed Technostyles meet softer harmonical styles.
Vocally, ReActivate tries to go a way through different types of Singing. On the one hand they convince their audience with rough and hard words, one the other hand the band tries to observe lyrics with clear open-minded voices. The vast majority of the lyrics are written in English but also trying to include their mother tongue in different songs.
Content of the songs are all actions which happen in daily Life.

Love, life, relationships, indifference, fears …

The idea to realize and combine musical concepts of both members came spontaneous as a result of some beers at the “Matrix” in Bochum. Frank and Marc tried to realize these ideas with scanty equipment. The Name ReActivate was chosen because of the experiences in music in different projects before founding this band. The results developed and so ReAktivate was hot to performe their electronical masterpieces “live”. Anybody can make sure about the quality of the songs and their performance directly.